Your home of comfort & style


Your home of comfort & style

Living with Style is a family owned and operated furniture retail store. We stock high-end products including New Zealand brands, Danske Mobler, Kovacs and Dreamwool. What Living with Style and these brands have in common is that comfort, quality and style is our claim to fame.

Whether you are in the market for furniture for your living or dining room, bedroom or other accessories for your home, Living with Style has a complete range of options with furniture from a range of manufacturers which means you have access to a range of products in different styles and materials. Our relationship with our suppliers allows you to have furniture made specifically to meet your needs, including Dreamwool mattresses designed to fit the way you sleep, or a seat covered in a different fabric or colour to ensure it fits perfectly in your home.

Shopping for furniture can often be unnerving and stressful. We endeavour to make this as stress free as possible by giving you the space to browse, offering our expertise and insight, organising delivery, or help by loading your car. We are always a phone call away to answer any questions or give advice.

Living with Style also stock a wide range of audio products ranging from high quality headphones and portable speakers to full home entertainment systems and everything in between. John’s 30+ years of experience in the audio world and stocking renowned brands such as Bose, Shure, QSC, Yamaha and Gefen mean Living with Style are the specialist sound entertainment suppliers and installers.

If you are just a casual music listener or enjoy higher quality sound through a more comprehensive set-up, Living with Style has what you need. Our showroom has specialty areas set up, allowing full immersion in the sound. Call now to set a time with John and dive into having that full sound experience.  

Buying furniture and audio equipment can be major decisions and Living with Style believe the best research you can do, is to sit down on the couch or lie on that mattress, feeling the comfort and quality for yourself. So come into our showroom and discover our range of furniture and audio solutions.