Making your home, a Nordic home.


Making your home, a Nordic home.

Or just take some cues from the Scandinavian design style. The Scandinavian style is all about maximising light, natural colours, simplicity and space and there are many different things you can do to achieve the Nordic interior style while making it your own.  

A lot of this Nordic homes have white walls and wooden floorings, instead of carpets, this helps reflect light and brighten up the home. Wood flooring not only has a layer of sheen to help light bounce off but it also gives your home a warmer tone. It is proven that having more light in the home makes people happier! Not only do these elements contribute to creating a homely feel but they also create a spacious illusion.

Here are some tips for introducing a Scandinavian style to your home.

  1. Play with the texture! Having all white furniture and décor creates an opportunity to experiment with the different textures. This will add more dimension to your home.
  2. Adding plants, such as succulents, is a great way to bring nature into the home. The greens will liven up your space and bring a pop of color.
  3. Try to keep the same color family together e.g. pastels.
  4. The accent piece you choose will really set the tone for your home. This also means that your furniture doesn’t all have to match! Change it up by having a different color dining chair for a bolder choice!
  5. Colour is very important! Popular bold colours the Scandinavian style use would be blue.  Black is also a great option if you are working with the monochrome scheme – it will add a contrast to the entire room.

We have pulled together some great items that can be added to your home to give it that Scandinavian feel. If you want some help just call in or give us a call.