Furniture coverings – How do you want it?


Furniture coverings – How do you want it?

The biggest barrier when looking to buy new furniture is often the fabric or leather type doesn’t match your existing furniture or room decor. If this has been your experience and believe your furniture should fit your home and your ideas then don’t settle for furniture that doesn’t match your vision.

We can provide you with the ability to choose any leather or fabric from leading New Zealand fabric companies and upholster a new lounge suite or occasional chair, for selected brands. Your new piece of furniture can be in a style and colour unique to you that complements your space.

James Dunlop Textiles is a global textile wholesaler who began in New Zealand over one hundred years ago and is now recognised as one of the premium brands in the southern hemisphere. They produce high quality, creative and innovative products for a range of furniture and accessories, enhancing both residential and commercial interiors with contemporary furnishings that allow you to be in control.

Warwick Fabrics are a New Zealand owned and operated textile company whose large range of fabrics means the only limitation is your imagination. With both international and national brands, their beautifully designed and crafted fabric have commercial, residential, outdoor and hardware applications which give the power to you to have your furniture upholstered how you want.

Living with Style has the furniture upholstered efficiently and to the highest standard. New Zealand brands Danske Mobler and Kovacs pieces take between 4-6 weeks to be completed while international brand IMG Comfort taking 10-12 weeks for their pieces to arrive.

In-store we have a range of samples from both James Dunlop Textiles and Warwick Fabrics and access to a larger database of designs and styles, meaning we can find exactly what you want and show you how it will look on your new lounge suite or occasional chair.

Visit John or Angela at Living with Style to learn more about this service and to start discovering the possibilities for your home.