7 Tips to create your perfect bedroom


7 Tips to create your perfect bedroom

The bedroom, the place where we spend over a third of our lives, why not make it a stylish and functional space, a space that feels like home. To help, we’ve put together a list of 7 tips to help create that perfect bedroom.

Consider the size of your bedroom

Pay attention to your measurements to ensure everything you buy will fit in your room without making it feel overcrowded. If you have a small bedroom get furniture that can double up as storage. You can buy beds, ottomans, and more items that have space inside to store items.

Set a budget

Setting a budget will stop you from being tempted into bigger purchases you can’t afford. At the same time, spending a little more could make the difference between the piece you like and the piece you love. Also consider that higher quality furniture will last longer, so understanding your budget will help you in these decisions.

Note your priorities

Decide on your priorities in terms of function, design and price. Sleep is always a priority so make sure you select an appropriate bed and mattress. (Read about our dream wool beds) You may have other priorities, such as getting ready in the morning so think about a tall boy or dresser.

Theme your room

Do you want a vintage, shabby chic bedroom, or something fresh and modern? Keep this in mind as you look around and do your research.

Use your imagination

Repurposing unusual items, using different colours and different furniture shapes are effective ways to put your touch on your bedroom. Every room should have a focal point which could be as small as an unusual bed frame or a coloured feature wall.

Forget about matching

Mixing up pieces will give you a unique room and take the pressure of purchasing a whole set! Your furniture can still look uniformed without being from the same set.


Now the fun part and the finer details, reading lamps, light fittings, and of course those pillows and cushions. These things make all the difference to the overall feel of your bedroom.


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