Rectangle vs. Round Dining Tables


Rectangle vs. Round Dining Tables

A dining room table without a doubt is the most essential element in any dining room. So when it comes to deciding the type of table you want for the dining room, like any major piece of furniture it can become overwhelming. There are many questions to consider What shape? What size? For how many people? How is it going to be positioned? Round? or Rectangle? Let the debate begin.

Where to position your table.
One of the first things you will have to decide is where you will position the table. A round table occupies space in a very particular way as everything revolves around it. Round tables are usually placed in the centre of the room rather than adjacent to a wall or a corner.

For elongated rooms, rectangular tables are perfect as they provide more seating capacity. Another advantage for dining rooms with difficult distribution is that rectangle tables can be against a wall and round tables, it just feels awkward.

The practicality of having legs.
When deciding on a table, one of the aspects that can tip the balance is the location of the legs. Many round models usually rest on a single central foot, thus eliminating the four typical legs of the square and rectangular tables.

Another advantage of round tables compared to rectangular ones is that they have no corners. They are more comfortable and less dangerous for smaller rooms because let’s face it, who hasn’t hit their hip or thigh against the corner of a table?

If you’re having trouble imagining the size of a particular table, use a bed sheet folded to match the table footprint and lay it on the floor in your dining space to get a visual. This will help you feel confident that your table will be practical in your space.

Equality, sociability and conversation.
One point to consider when choosing a table is how it influences or promotes the sense of togetherness during mealtimes and special occasions. A round table has a great advantage with respect to the rectangular ones as they help generate equality, just ask King Arthur.

The capacity question
How many people are you wanting to seat? Rectangular tables have an advantage that round tables, or square for that matter, cannot compete with: seating capacity. Elongated table manages to create a niche for more people to eat on less surface. So if what you are looking for a dining table for great celebrations, we advise choosing a rectangular table.

The summary verdict?
Round tables are an important aesthetic option, with some clear advantages. They are more welcoming, versatile, social and less annoying for diners: the legs out of the way. However they require a very special space and are less suitable a large number of diners.

Rectangular tables are the most commonly used. On the one hand, they are perfect for elongated dining rooms, on the other hand they allow for many more diners in less space. If you have little space, you can place the table against the wall.

In the end, the important point of all is your own taste. Even after evaluating all the advantages and disadvantages of each table, it is you who must find one that appeals to you.

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