Summer Style & Outdoor Furniture


Summer Style & Outdoor Furniture

What comes to mind when you think about summer? Is it the evening BBQ’s? The social gatherings? The relaxation? Whatever it is, we think that outdoor furniture (big or small) will be a key part of that picture, and as we draw closer to the longer days and the warmer nights, it is almost time for you to figure out how your home will be ready to make the most of everything summer has to offer.

When choosing your summer style and outdoor furniture pieces, make sure talk to the Living with style team, and take the following 5 tips into consideration.

Quality is key!

The extremes of the summer months weather and the vigors or everyday use can take its toll on furniture so make sure you have furniture you can depend on.

Be social!

The point of outdoor living is to enjoy your company so incorporate a friendly, open layout plan.


There is nothing better than sitting back in your outdoor lounger or sofa and forgetting about your troubles, even the right timber piece can be comfortable.


No one wants to be stuck in the sun with nowhere to hide so an umbrella is a must.

Be Practical!

You don’t want to be constantly setting up and packing down your outdoor furniture, so pieces that are durable, heavy, and easily stored will ease this burden.

Living with Style has a great range of outdoor furniture from top New Zealand and International manufacturers that guarantee style and function at competitive prices. Check out our website or pop in-store to see our current outdoor range and to sample our 2018/19 summer collections.