Kovacs – Luxury, Comfort and Uncompromising Style


Kovacs – Luxury, Comfort and Uncompromising Style

Kovacs Design’s ethos is from first inspiration to final finish, their handiwork must be built to inspire, to uphold and to endure building for this generation and the next. Over the last 58 years Kovacs have stayed true to this ethos which has led them to being a New Zealand furniture icon.

Under the careful eye of Stephen Kovacs, the company began in 1959 in Christchurch, New Zealand. Using the experience of traditional European artisans, Kovacs made, and continue to make distinctive, timeless luxury furniture. As the family business has been passed down through generations they stay true to their artisan craft roots, are always looking to source materials from companies with the same devotion to craft and to cultivate the innovation that each generation has provided.

Kovacs Settee range allow you to fall into complete relaxation with its undeniable comfort and also make a design statement in your home with sleek lines and sophisticated bearings.

The Max Settee provides a modern yet understated style that compliments the surrounding space fitting into any environment with a hinged back feature to increase comfort and functionality. The Max Settee is available in a range of leathers and fabrics.

The Dakota Settee is where modern lines meet luxurious comfort with its distinctive foot and plump Ergofill filled cushions. Covered in any range of fabric or leather the Dakota Settee will bring style to any room.

The Detroit is part of the range of Kovacs modular furniture designed to fit with the ever-evolving ways in which people style and entertain in their homes. Again coming in a range of leathers and fabrics the Detroit is elegantly stylish and will not only fit into any interior environment but will maximise it.

Each chair in the Kovacs range is designed to deliver both enduring style with ultimate comfort and support with the Taylor Chair being no different. Suited for small spaces or to complement surrounding furniture, the Taylor Chair has personality with defined lines and funky demeanour. Along with the Settee and modular range, Kovacs chairs are available in a range of leathers and fabrics.

Life is about making choices – nobody can have the best of everything but occasionally, thanks to Kovacs, you can have the best of something.

Living with style stocks a great range of Kovacs furniture with highly knowledgeable, friendly staff who will help you find the product to fit your needs.