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Dreamwool Beds

The Better Sleep Council (BSC) conducted research which looked at how people shop for mattresses, including what they look for, what they expect, and where they look. One finding of note was that only 57% of responders said that they will go to stores and look around as part of their information gathering process which shows the changing habits of modern shoppers and the move to look elsewhere for their information. For such an important purchase as a mattress, this seems like a low number until you know that 92% of responders say it is very/somewhat important to test the mattresses before you finalise the purchase. This shows us that a lot of the information gathering process is spent online, comparing the quantitative features of mattresses. One key reason for this is the different motivations of individual shoppers in what they are looking for from their mattress, for example what its made of or its price can be analysed online. Once they have narrowed down their selection, the shopper can head in store to test the qualitative features like comfort.

As part of the BSC research, they asked responders to list what is most important to them when buying a mattress. The top answer with 91% was comfort. One of Dreamwool Beds point of difference is the comfort of their mattresses. Edgar Henderson, an ex-farmer and founder of Dreamwool, had a bad back and would wake up in the morning stiff and sore. Edgar was thinking about his farming days when he remembered the old black woolen singlets, a hallmark of New Zealand farming, that he wore on the farm and how it was a natural insulator, keeping him warm in winter and absorbing heat and perspiration in summer. From this came the first 100% natural wool overlay which regulated warmth all year long and allowed Edgar to get a more comfortable sleep and relief for his aches. The temperature regulation coupled with the natural spring-like tendencies of the wool and the latest European spring systems means Dreamwool mattresses are some of the most comfortable on the market.

The desire to buy locally made products is increasing in New Zealand and Dreamwool Beds allows New Zealanders to buy New Zealand made beds. Dreamwool mattresses are handmade from 100% natural Southdown sheep wool sourced from Southland, New Zealand. The wool is then transported to Christchurch where it is handmade into the quilts, overlays, and mattresses that thousands of New Zealanders know and love.

The life expectancy of mattresses is an oft discussed topic and one with only guidelines to follow with no visible measure of expiry. BSC research in 2016 found that respondents expected to keep a new mattress for 9.4 years, down from 10.9 years in 2014. This means that consumers will shop for mattresses more often, especially for homeowners who may own several beds of different sizes and purposes. What mattress you select is an important one because over 9.4 years of 8 hour sleeps, you are spending more than 27,000 hours in bed which can have an effect on your mental and physical health. Dreamwool mattress’ will allow you to spend that time in comfort and make sure, even to the end of its life, it isn’t impacting your overall health.

Dreamwool has many types of mattresses all with 100% natural, antibacterial, non-allergenic latex, a choice of soft, medium or firm density, and wool that adapts to the body’s microclimate but with other differences to provide you with a more balanced comfort throughout the night. The Dreamwool range can be purchased from Living With Style.

The Dreamwool Original mattress has a heritage that began back in the 1980’s and was the first in New Zealand to combine 100% pure fleece Wool and natural Rubber Latex. The Original mattress still has a hand tufted woollen top and offers a spring free alternative for those wanting a more natural sleep. With 100% natural, antibacterial, non-allergenic latex, a choice of soft, medium or firm density, and wool that adapts to the body’s microclimate, this mattress provides you with a more balanced comfort throughout the night. Learn More

The Dreamwool Icon mattress is at the beginning of our Pocket spring mattress range, containing generous layers of hand tufted wool and latex, and a level of comfort to experience a better night’s sleep. With 3 distinct feels to choose from, you will find your comfort and support to relax into. The larger diameter spring system in this mattress helps to reduce pressure points and partner disturbance and contours easily to your body while maintaining full support. Learn More

The Dreamwool Sanctuary mattress is a softer supportive range of pocket spring mattresses that has a “lie in” feel. These high quality long life spring units have a much higher density of springs than any standard pocket spring unit which means the mattress is responsive yet stable and able to minimise partner disturbance. The fully-sprung sleeping surface is supported by stronger edge springs clipped to an edge band to ensure the correct flex of the spring is achieved time after time for your sleeping comfort. Learn More

The Dreamwool Heaven mattress has a firmer fitting feel. The Danish made micro pocket spring unit extends right to the mattress edge ensuring that the whole sleeping surface is supportive and comfortable with no foam boxing or divisions to lessen the sleeping comfort. The micro pocket springs, being smaller, conform and fit to your body more closely for greater comfort and support, virtually eliminating any partner disturbance due to the greater number of springs. When lying on the mattress the wool and latex comfort layers work in unison with the micro springs fully supporting your body. Learn More

Living with style stocks a great range of Dreamwool Beds products with highly knowledgeable, friendly staff who will be able to find the mattress to fit your needs. Living with style also provide services to their customers that make them a leading retailer of Dreamwool Beds. As they have a great range of mattresses on display you will be able to test the different types that Dreamwool Beds make to find the one for you, or alternatively, the staff at Living with style can organise for you to go to the Dreamwool Beds showroom in Christchurch to be fitted for a mattress that meets your personal sleeping needs. Living with style can also arrange free delivery when you purchase your Dreamwool Beds mattress in store straight to your home.

Dreamwool Beds