Slow down and put your feet up


Slow down and put your feet up

Do you feel as if your life is out of balance?

We have homes so large we can’t keep them maintained, we eat on the run or skip meals and our weekends are booked out weeks in advance, not to mention our work life of more, faster, now. In a world run by the bigger, better, and faster, we have forgotten what it’s like to stop, rest and relax. Living with this in mind is more difficult now, than it has ever been. We may be living great lives but are we actually there for them?

The solution seems self-explanatory. Slow down. But is it that easy?
Each fast aspect of our life is necessary for other fast aspects to happen, and we have been fooled into thinking we need, or even must, be fast and have what the ‘fast life’ gives us. If we don’t listen to our bodies and ourselves, telling us to slow down it may be at the cost of our health, eventually something might give.

So what is the realistic solution?
Begin to take steps towards living a slower life. There is not just slow or fast, there is everything in between and it is about starting down that path and finding what is important to you.

Four strategies to help you slow down.

Learn to say no.
Although you may be the type of person to always give up your time and to be of service, occasionally saying no could give you a couple more hours a week for yourself to take a step back to relax and reflect.

Have free days.
Even if you need to plan these in advance, make sure you are having some “you” time. Spend some time in your garden, spend time with your friends and loved ones, put your feet up and don’t feel guilty about it. The positive effect this will have on your health is immeasurable.

Turn it off.
Spend some time ‘looking up’ by turning off your device or tv and reading or talking to the people around you. This will help you become engaged in the present and more invested in the now.

One thing at a time.
In the fast paced lives we lead where demands at both home and work are constant, often we have no choice but to juggle everything that is on our plate. Practice setting your mind to one task at a time, fully focussing on that task until it is done. This will have a positive effect on both your health and the quality of your work. Things like lists are great to get your thoughts out of your mind and to consciously be able to work through what is in front of you.

These are some everyday steps to take to slow down and work towards work towards a slower, more intentional life, for the benefits of ourselves, our friends and our families.

Give them a go and if you have other ideas let us know in the comments below.

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