Caring for your leather furniture


Caring for your leather furniture

The rigors of life can be tough on furniture. Whether it’s children being children, an energetic pet, sunlight, or just aging leather, there are many ways to protect and prevent damage, and fix any imperfections in your leather.

Leather furniture is coated in a protective wax layer. This layer protects the leather by acting as a barrier between moisture, grime and scratches. When you see a scratch on your piece of leather furniture, it is most likely only a scratch to the protective wax layer which can be fixed, where damage to the leather itself is much harder to remove.

Here are some helpful tips on how to protect you leather and how to fix any blemishes.

Leather Protection
Regularly moisturise the leather to maintain its appearance. Extreme climates mean your leather will require more regular care.
Sunlight and direct heat can fade and shrink leather. Keeping it away from direct sunlight and heat sources like fireplaces and heaters can aid prevention.

Wipe up any water or liquid spills immediately as they will leave a mark if they soak in. Food oils can also have this effect.
If you can, rotate the cushions to even out wear.
Dirt and grime acts as an abrasive to leather so vacuum regularly and wipe the leather with a damp, soft cloth weekly.

Fixing Damage
Surface level scratches are to the wax layer, not the leather, which means any blemish will be easier to fix.
Use a wax leather repair kit to correct any blemishes in the protective wax layer.
A helpful tip, rub your fingers over the scratch and the natural oil from your skin should fix any minor scratch. This works better on a hot day!

Living with Style stocks a range of leather care products which are suited to any piece of leather furniture. Ask in store for any advice on how to care for your leather furniture and while you’re at it, check out our range of leather sofas and recliners.